Bellydance 2021 LATEST INFO .


                VISIONS OF THE OASIS.

The July 4th show was sold-out success at Sweetbreads in Demorest , GA. We are entered into the Talent Show at the Chattahoochee Mountain Fair Saturday in Clarkesville Sept 11.

We will also be performing at in the Toccoa Harvest Festival Oct 30, 2021.


Belly Dance is appealing to audiences of all types. Our mission is to ENTERTAIN! We are a troupe of 3-6 Dancers, depending on your needs and dancer availability. We present a variety of choreographed dances ranging from 2 to 5 minutes.

FAQS about booking our troupe

We have an hour + of show material. “Sets” of 15-20 minutes recommended.
We are also happy to start audience participation to either Arab or American music.We can place a rectangular Oriental rug to delineate the performance space.

We have 3 rugs . A 9 X 12 for trios, 10 X 13 is ideal for 4 or 5 and sometimes 6 (seen in pic ) And a lavish 12 X 18 for big spaces . We often can dance rugless . 

A level smooth surface is required. No shows on gravel or dirt. Dry Grass OK if we must. We arrive in costume with festive Caftan Cover-ups.

We travel with a high quality powerful portable sound system.
We will need a designated corner for props and personal belongings.

Currently there is no charge, but we ask to be able to display a tip jar.

Ginny King 706-754-8498


 CLASSES COMING BACK SOON ! or eventually…..

I had a Hip replacement in Mid-May 2021  and I’m still recovering.I am keeping a database of interested students and will be in touch when I think I can add the beginners class back into my schedule. Maybe Oct 1 ? I must start with the Cardio-Funk at White Co. Rec center.

Time slots being considered : Mon, Tues, Wed. eves or mornings. Thurs evenings.

Classes are 90 minutes long.

Location : WindVane Studio, 110 WindVane Ln Clarkesville GA 30523

to Enroll ,call (do not text ) 706-754-8498  a land line 



PREVIOUS DANCE EXPERIENCE  of any sort is  strongly recommended. If you have been seriously sedentary for years or have absolutely Zero rhythm, this is NOT the best place to start.  This is targeted for those who consider that they move fairly well already.  If you are new to dancing and want to just try it and see , call Me and we can discuss this.   Another class may establish for newest absolute beginners level. CLASSES CONDUCTED ON A SPRUNG AND FLOATING DANCE FLOOR

WHAT TO WEAR:  Belly exposure is not necessary, but you do need form fitting clothing on your torso. I’ll need to determine if your knees are bent or straight, Hence -no long skirts , please. Yoga pants , sweatpants, or Dance pants are good.  Wearing A bright hip scarf is good too , Especially one with fringe to accentuate your Pelvic movement. Please Have your hair out of your face. Wearing A secure ,sturdy, uplift bra is highly recommended .

SHOES ? YES !  you need to be able to swivel. A Dance slipper with a smooth  leather sole is ideal.  ( I have some loaners ) Socks are the next best thing. Ballet slippers are good, also. I will show you the best shoes on Day 1 of class. Bare feet are sometimes too sticky to swivel well, but you can try it.

FEES:  $95 on the first day of class for  8  90 minute classes.

WHAT IF I HAVE TO MISS A CLASS ? at least 2 Free make-up classes will occur so you don’t waste your money.

BELLYDANCE BIO : Ginny King aka “Yasmeenah “enjoyed 10 years as a professional Bellydancer, and performed weekly at Atlanta’s Imperial Fez Moroccan restaurant  for 7 years. She directed her own professional troupe”Jewels of the Casbah ” and has performed for such notables as Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner, Mick Jagger and the Ambassador to Egypt. She began her training in New York City with Anahid Sofian and later became  a regular student of Atlanta’s Aziza Nawal and Aegela.  Over the years, She has attended numerous workshops with Internationally known Bellydance teachers.Ginny was helpful in getting some wonderful bellydance performers started. Several of her former students have become top professionals, studio owners  and teachers. She also rented regular classroom and rehearsal space to some of Atlantas Top Bellydance teachers and was able to watch and learn from them .

 Int. level classes Held at WindVane studio ,110 WindVane Lane 30523