I’m returning to Sautee Cultural Center in September To teach dance.visit www.snca.org . 2 Monday after-school classes are scheduled now. 3:45 ages 7-11/ 4:45 age 12-up. see FAQs below. Keep reading. Bellydance restarts OCT 7 Timeslot TBD. Probably Sunday.


EARLY CLASS DESCRIPTION : Jazz /Tap Combo 7-11.  3:45-4:45  Sept 10-MAy TBD

Spend an hour with Rhythm, Posture, Stretching, Balance, Musicality, Fitness and New Friends. If the range of abilities among these beginners is too broad, and enrollment is good, we will consider splitting into 2 classes when the time is right.

LATER CLASS : Musical Theatre Dance Teens 12- up  Monday 4:45-5:45

Sept 10th -Dec 9 ONLY, we will consider a 2019  extension if most agree to do so.

This class has been specifically requested by Musical Theatre enthusiasts who are  voice students who want a challenging dance experience, but not a long commitment.
. Class will include a thorough warm-up and address technique.

Q:  Is it too late to register?

A;     There are still spots available. join us. Go to this webpage.


If the form is not yet updated to reflect the this current info revealed here, then just  write what you need to on the form somewhere. The SNCA webmaster does not update things as quickly as we change plans , but We both  need to know that people will attend these classes.  You can pay online at this site with a credit card and that is what most people want- To expedite  business. If that does not work for you, then email http://www.ginny@bacchusprod.com with DANCE REGISTRATION in the header subject line and I’ll come over and pick up your check myself within 24 hours.   We are serious about getting enrollment ASAP.

Q:  Miss Ginny , What is the best way to contact you?

 I love email best.  Land line is also great 706-754-8498.  I’m not a fan of texting.   SSOD does not have a FB page.  I have personal FB page as Ginny King. You may request friendship. I despise the mobile phone. I do not wear one. They make me feel like I’m under full -time surveillance. Email allows the time for thoughtful  communication and filing info.

Q : Are observers allowed?

Sorry, No.  Any reputable dance school  has a no-observers policy. I have a serious inability to tune out useless noise and observers often become noisy.  And  my anxiety level goes way up, too.  This is not a ball game. So the answer has to be “No..for now”. There will be chairs on the porch for you if you want a place to wait. There will be regular occasions at the end of  class  where I invite  you to see what we have accomplished .  EXCEPTION : If you or your child child is having some kind of “issue’, we can have a discussion which may necessitate the need for parental observation. ( quietly , of course)


$40 per month. payable to SNCA.

Q :  THIS  QUESTION PERTAINS TO THE 3:45 CLASS. ( 7-11 ) My kids are siblings . I want them to dance together  and the younger one is only 6. Can  you make an exception?  

A;   This is very sticky.   We  get asked this question a lot and agonize over it and you want a short answer , right ?  Here is our plan this year :  First, find out if THEY want to dance together . If so, We put them all in there together  and sort it out later.   After the first month ( or even sooner ) , we will know who can stay and who can go.  If the 10-11 year olds seem unchallenged  or mortified to be with ‘little kids’ and ready to quit, then those under-7s may have to go sooner rather than later. We  hope to have enough enrollment to split into 2 or even 3 levels later.  Classes work best when students have the same aptitude and commitment, not necessarily the same age.   A child  close to 7 may be very capable.BUT ABSOLUTELY NO 5 YEAR OLDS .   I know you think they are geniuses. Any young child who is not keeping up will be asked to show their drivers license. ( a joke )

Q: How many kids are now registered ? Is it already POPULAR ? ( SEPT 13 last input)

we have 15 registered in the 3:45 class. It is my intention take the limit up to 18 students, then to move half the students into the 4:45 slot in 2019 when I am familiar with everyone’s capabilities.   The current musical theatre class will be moved to another timeslot or even another nearby location in 2019.

Q  What will the Broadway Musical Theatre 12-16 Dance Class be doing ?

We are invited to perform in the pre-show to  The Sautee Stars “…Grinch ..’ first week of December . This gives us only 7 weeks, (7 classes)  to prepare something show-worthy for that occasion. We will do a simple prop dance to “Let it Snow’ which teaches  rhythm, coordination and spacial awareness , and also we will work on  a  Holiday TAp dance  that features solo sections  by our more experienced Tap students while the newbies do some very simple  steps .  I’m looking for a Broadway tune now that works for this. Probably something from Irving Berlins White Christmas. In 2109 we can plan something more ambitious.

Q: What  dance wear or gear is required ?

A :   Have you noticed that everyone is wearing exercise clothing everywhere these days? I see no need for a ‘uniform’ just yet, And a bag of dance clothes  is just another thing kids will leave on the school bus or forget to bring. So here is a list of DOs and DONT’S

DO : wear an outfit that does not sag or bag or is rigid. Pants must stay in place at your true waist. Try an elasticized belt ! We both need to see your body alignment.

DO :    Wear something that you can confidently do splits and upside-down moves in a co-ed class.    Like bike shorts or  Yoga pants .  Test your out fit by putting it on,  going over to a wall mirror, and doing a wide open seated stretch on the floor with your legs as far open as possible. If you feel self -conscious about what can be seen, then this is not a good pair of dance pants/shorts. Form-fitting clothing is best.

DO: Have hair back with secure elastic. Clip or Spray  aggravating in-your-face wisps.

 Q: We don’t have shoes yet !  Is this a problem ?

I will bring my loaners for awhile . B.Y.O. SOCK ASSORTMENT, from thin to thick. 


A: I recommend lace-up split-sole jazz  sneakers over  all other dance shoes, but they are more pricey. You can actually learn TAP in a split-sole jazz sneaker and effectively practice TAP anywhere you go – in the checkout lines, seated on the bus ,etc….   If they fit right  (snugly ) they facilitate turns and balance. They bend and  support. However- There is no place to buy them anywhere close by.  Sauls on the Square  in Gainesville is supposed to have them.  CALL FIRST. Online sources include http://www.discountdance.com and others. Good brands are  BLOCH ,CAPEZIO,  SODANCA.  Finding an affordable pair  of these in tiny sizes for 6 year olds can be a problem.  They are easier to find  for adult sized feet.  Sautee Center also hopes that the use of these sneakers  for TAP will better preserve their wood floors.  I promised that I would  try to promote this practice.


NEXT BEST AND USUALLY EASY TO FIND dn981g_1: Split Sole jazz Boot .These are  Easier to find in smallest sizes . They do Not work for Tap, too. They are too soft.


DO NOT get the cheapest  rigid , stiff,  shiny Shirley Temple type  shoes. THEY ARE A NIGHTMARE.  THEY ARE PAINFUL. If the shoes  don’t bend in your hands, how can you expect a  child to bend them with their foot ? Kids cannot learn correct Tap in stiff shoes . Kids often do one year in these torture shoes, then  quit.  . Check out  my  LOANERS.  i”LL SHOW YOU A GOOD PAIR OF SHOES. I’m bringing them ALL from now on. You bring the socks.

Q: Where can we actually try on shoes for sale?

Center Stage 2 Dancewear –  Duluth     /   The Sock Basket -Greenville SC / Sauls on the Square Gainesville.

Payless  (Athens -Clemson ) has very limited options , but they Do have shoes.

EBAY is the GOLDMINE for bargains on New or gently used  quality shoes.

I really don’t want to be in   the shoe business. I don’t sell them myself.

 Q: We don’t have shoes yet !  Is this a problem ?

I will bring my loaners for awhile . B.Y.O. SOCK ASSORTMENT, from thin to thick. 

Come early to CLAIM and label loaners. There’ll be 2 suitcases CLAIMED AND UNCLAIMED

Q: Will there be a recital or performance?

A:   We plan to  attach a performance as a pre-show segment for performances of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ by Sautee Stars Theatre class. to show off.  If attendance is strong we can have a SMALL recital in May or early June at the Sautee Theatre . It’s easy. The theatre is on-site . 100 seats . No add-on charges for this except a moderately priced costume and a low admission charge so we can pay the tech people . You can shoot  your own video of this. I love to perform  and I want to see you onstage. Remember – This is a community center in a small town. Only a big “Dance Academy ” can put on a big long splashy ( expensive ) show. The price for classes at the center has not gone up in 10 years.

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION? EMAIL  ginny@bacchusprod.com OR CALL 706-754-8498 ( a land line ), AND I WILL ADDRESS IT  AND MAYBE POST IT HERE AS WELL.  Warning : I am not a ‘texter’.

_______________________________________end of dance class info __________________________


‘Murder Amongst the Vines’ was  a sell-out for 2 Hilarious nights at the Sautee Center.

Vines CAst 2018

‘Guys and Dolls ‘at Highlands Playhouse in July 2018. Here played General Cartwright, director of the ‘Save-A-Soul Mission ‘. with Bob Trisolini and Sean Cullen Carrol


Ginny played the role of Yenta the Matchmaker in “Fiddler On the Roof ‘ at Habersham Community Theatre to sold-out houses in April 2018. With Mollie Fae Dukes as Tzeitel.

Tzietle Yenta HCT


One Normal night.jpg

Ginny as GrandMa and the cast of  “The Addams Family Musical ‘ Holly Theatre. Fall 2017

Ginny played the role of Maggie Jones in 42nd St  Summer 2017 at the Holly , Dahlonega.

Ginny King 2017.jpg



Cannabis +lisa.jpg

SONG PARODIES !  our Wayward Girls Tapping to “Tokes for Two”  with Auntie Q . A Variety Show gone astray. Summer 2017

MY ADVANCED  PERFORMING ADULT TAP GROUP  will also be rehearsing and seeking new members and performing opportunities.  I’m also looking for New Students in the CLAYTON area for mid-morning weekday classes in Tiger .

NORTH GEORGIA DANCE ARTS in Hiawassee featured me as a guest teacher in January and February 2017 for their Advanced Tap Group, setting an “old School” style dance to Irving Berlin’s” Stepping Out” with Top Hat , Tails and Canes.  We won “HIGH GOLD” at the Dance Educators of America Convention in Atlanta 2017.Elves Impersonator 2016 B.JPG

I COSTUMED the Christmas Elves for HCT’s  Elves Impersonators in Mid-December and presented a silly satire of a Christmas Song ‘ Jiggle Butt Rock’. Here we are all Padded Up. Trudy Beavers, Ginny King And LAura Williams, singing of  Holiday indulgences.

Jiggle Butt DR.jpg

I”M ALSO SEEKING COLLABORATORS for musical theatre projects, such as musical directors and other choreographers for Theatrical projects at SNCA. It has been a priviledge and a pleasure to dance with you.

 Ginny  706-754-8498
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DANCE and THEATRE projects Habersham, White and Rabun County

Ginny King and Jon Schwartz  have roles

in  Georgia Community Theater!

42nd st logo.jpg 

Historic Holly Theatre in Dahlonega

   July 14-30 , 2017

Steel Magnolias BEST

 Above : 2016 Highlands Playhouse Professional production of Steel Magnolias  Ginny King as Clairee 

.CALL or email us anytime.  Please see ‘schedule’ page  for new information.    706-754-8498


Miss Ginny was pleased to have a role in Anything Goes at the Highland’s Playhouse in 2015.


January 2015 performance of the Spotlight Players at the  Sautee Nacoochee Gym.

Seuss BEST full co

Cast of ‘Seussical Jr.’ January 2016. These costum

SPOTLIGHT PLAYERS may resume sometime , but  my fabulous friend and teacher, Miss Lilly Wayne Buck is unable to co-direct for the foreseeable future. She needs some time off. We  really miss doing this together.

Dance Classes

WINDVANE STUDIO:  Private Talent Show Prep Available at Miss Ginny’s Studio

If there is a type of dance you would like instruction in, Let’s Talk.
If you have 5 or more committed students in mind , we can form a new class.
Options:  Ballet ALL LEVELS , Bellydance,  Cabaret Jazz,  Broadway Jazz, Disco /Funk

Talent Show Coaching.  With over 30 years of professional performing experience Miss Ginny is ready to help prepare YOU do your best at your next audition or performance.


Contact Virginia King at

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