COVID -19 concerns?

It’s now Spring 2022.

We are DONE here with COVID, living normally.

Masks are not just discouraged, they are unwelcome. Masks hinder communication. Dancers need to breathe. Masks will not protect you from a virus and IMO, you look like you have a coffee filter on your face. Absurd.

IMO, Positive PCR Tests results are pretty much meaningless. If you feel sick, please just stay home.

Ubiquitous Exposure has always been My personal practice. I Contra dance. I hold hands with people that I have never met before . LOTS of them.

Social Distancing is not expected or encouraged.

We are DONE here with COVID, living normally.

Honestly- We are not sanitizing anything . Toxic chemicals will kill you sooner than germs will. If you truly want ,you can wipe your environment down yourself. No sanitizers are on display, either.

If you have just had fresh COVID or Flu shots, expect to feel lousy and please plan to stay home. I have reason to believe that the SHEDDING thing is real.

Take Your Vitamins, Get out of your House, and LIVE !

Loaners of RFK’s “The Real Anthony Fauci” book available. I bought 10.

We are DONE here with COVID, living normally.