Cabaret Night

Cabaret Night! Let’s Play ! Next one TBD.

call (do not text ) 706-754-8498 a land line or email

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Masks Forbidden. If you think that it’s not safe to show your face, then please just stay home.

Choose Glamour. Choose class. Be Fabulous.

Cabaret night is not open to the general public. This isn’t something you can re-post to the world on Facebook like a rock concert in a stadium. I recommend you request to be included in the FB group . If you receive an emailed invitation, you’re invited. If a performer in one of Ginny’s presentations personally invites you, you’re in . All invites include a Plus one. We need an audience to play for and performers who have prepared memorized  material , but I don’t want to over crowd my house . Contact Ginny if you want to participate.

WOW!  What a fantastic turn out tonight!  You had enough talented people performing that you could put on a show like tonight and sell tickets.   -LAURA WILLIAMS

I had an absolutely blast! – KATHY CHURCH

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful evening Friday night! I really enjoyed hearing and seeing all of the local talent, plus the dancing was fun too! I  – Stella Carter

Our Cabaret nights have left everyone asking for more.   it’s a Combination Dance Club and Broadway Cabaret.Dance groups especially welcome !  We absolutely have the space !  

   FAQS : YES info in RED, NO-NOs in BLUE

I do NOT answer my phone after Cabaret night starts. I don’t wear my iPhone.


A: Please do ! I like to PLAN. Don’t you ? Your RSVP assures you of a performance spot. If you’re no-Show , then we just move everyone up ! If you arrive unconfirmed, we put you in line.  No pressure. Repeated lack of response  to the regular invites  will get you removed from the guestlist, eventually .


A: I have a full sound board , a CD player and 3 mics . Plug in your iPad or iPhone.  I do NOT  provide a Karaoke set-up with Lyrics onscreen . If you need  electronically displayed lyrics, then you have to figure out how to make that happen on your own device. And it looks so very unprofessional.I recommend that you Be like a pro and memorize a song or two.  Cheat Sheets discouraged, but allowed. ITUNES  offers a good selection of accompaniment tracks. Type in the word KARAOKE after the title when you search the iTunes store.

I do NOT answer my phone after Cabaret night starts. I don’t wear my iPhone.

Q: FOOD ? 

A: You can Expect  quality hot mini-quiches , Chinese dumplings and other assorted Costco frozen fare…Perhaps a  pot of chili and crudite. This cannot ever be  a planned full dinner event because people just don’t RSVP in time, (if at all ) . I recommend that you  Dine before you arrive and  bring something snack-like if you like .  Please Don’t call to ask me exactly what food to bring. I refuse to menu-plan. Just bring what you want to bring. There will be 2 ovens if you want to heat something.

I do NOT answer my phone after Cabaret night starts. I don’t wear my iPhone.


A : This needs to be a BYOB situation. This is different from previous Cabaret Nights. I have invited performers under 21 who want this opportunity to perform. For us to “serve” alcohol is problematic.  So Adults over 21, Please BYOB. You will still have a great time. If you arrive empty-handed , don’t fret. no one will have to go around ‘thirsty’. Many Non-alcoholic beverages will be on display.


A; YES, but No teeny toddlers, please. Bring older kids  if they can not be a disruption to the singing. Prepared kids can perform, of course. I recommend songs that are entertaining.

I do NOT answer my phone after Cabaret night starts. I dot n’t wear my iPhone.


A: Avoid Politics, please .  But I encourage you  MOCK THE SCAMDEMIC ! Please help energize the evening with uptempo entertaining selections. High energy song choices help pack the dance  floor.  Keep it clean before 9 pm.  Performers who are young enough to lack a drivers license are encouraged to come early and leave by 9:30  because the Grown-ups may want to  sing about naughty stuff  (which is  GREAT ! )If parents say it’s OK to stay , then stay , but remember that you were warned! 


A : No.Please , NO. We can hear that anytime around here … at the Dollar Store and the Car Wash, etc. I seek to create a  Retro Manhattan atmosphere rather than A Nashville or church atmosphere. If you want to sing about Jesus, go do that in Church -up to 3 times a week !

Please, No sad songs about how we are killing our planet. It’s supposed to be a CABARET ,not a protest march. 

I do NOT answer my phone after Cabaret night starts. I don’t wear my iPhone.


A: Dress Fun and classy.  Pretty Party Clothes .Maybe Something delightful that you found at Goodwill and love but is not understood by the General local public. That outrageous 70s Silver caftan ? Sure ! The feather boa ? Absolutely ! Sequins and fake hair encouraged.  Ripped jeans and regular everyday T shirts and Plaid lumberjack shirts are absolutely  discouraged. Vulgar Slogans on your T shirts are not good. Gum chewers will be asked to refrain from doing so. Gum is  just tacky. Baseball caps, too. Awful ! Trade that Baseball Cap for a fedora, please.

Choose Glamour. Choose class. Be Fabulous.

I do NOT answer my phone after Cabaret night starts. I don’t wear my iPhone.