NYE 2022 invitation only.

Please do not share. This is not meant to be a wide-open public thing.

RSVP by Dec 27 to Ginny King.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DANCE FLOOR. I want this to feel like the club world of yesteryear.

NO VIDEOS PLEASE. Cellphones should be left in your coat pocket or your car. What happens on the dance floor stays on the dance floor.

. The most FABULOUS floating Sprung dance floor in NE Georgia ! Safe for your joints. Colored Lights and a Rotating Mirror Ball ! Sexy 70s Decor ! Great Sound system! Expect an irresistible nightclub atmosphere. Let’s PACK this dance floor.

BEVERAGES ? Let’s face it…These days There is no way to accurately PLAN for an anticipated number of arrivals, so it is wise to show up with something you like to drink in hand. I will have drinks, but I am not going to attempt to provide e booze enough for 100 + invitees and their companions who have mostly RSVPed with a noncommittal “Maybe”. Guests under 21 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. I love young people and love their energy and I want them always to be at my dance parties, however, We are certainly not going to be ‘serving’ booze to Minors, and I will not be the hovering beverage cop at every moment. Under 21s must have a driver over 21. Bring your parents, Older friends or older siblings.

If you want to dance to your favorite music, email me and i’ll have it here. Let’s groove to DISCO , FUNK and 70s. Maybe some Beatles. Some new stuff may be included if it really makes you want to Dance. Country Pop Music , Heavy metal and contemporary Rap are strongly discouraged.

Party is from 8-12 Midnight or a little after. Arrive anytime in this window.

If you are an old friend I want to hear from you. Email or Call Me. Do not attempt to message through this website.

I am happy to meet new people who LOVE to dance.

FESTIVE DRESS is nice . This is New Years Eve ! Let’s Sparkle !

Please- No masks. The Human biohazard look is Dismal and unwelcome. I need to see Happy faces. This is not the Operating Room.

Take your vitamin C and D.

FOOD ? Of course You can expect plenty of quality heated hors douvre’s and a big crudite from Costco, but don’t expect a dinner buffet. This event is meant to burn Holiday Calories , not add more. So eat first at home and just dance and drink at the party.