Full Resume

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. Photos to follow. It’s Not  proofed yet, but I need to post this in case you need to know more about Me. ( June 1 , 2017 )

I Began Ballet training at Ruth Mitchell Dance studio in Atlanta age 9 and knew right away that I would be dancing my entire life. I  was a serious student , taking as many classes as I could  and was soon accepted into the North Carolina School of the Arts at age 13 for their high school program. NCSA was intense, and my  Ballet training there was superb, although I was certain from Day 1 that I would never be a career Ballerina. I wanted to Tap Dance, Sing,  Travel ,and experience regular fine dining. And I knew those pointe shoes would destroy Me.

AGE 19 : started working as a Professional musical theatre performer At Jekyll Island and then the Harlequin Dinner Theatre. I also began teaching , mostly as a sub in BAllet.

AGE 21: Moved to NYC in 1978. I landed an Equity job within 4 days, which was very lucky. I Did Dinner theatre, Trained, auditioned, worked in bars and restaurants until…

AGE  23: Was cast in the Original Broadway Company of 42nd street  in a small speaking role,  “Lorraine”, served for 16 months, then left because I wanted to do something different.  Eight shows a week is a grind of one so young and ambitious.

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Age 25-26 : Worked on Cruise Ships with a 4 -person revue, travelled to Hawaii, and The Caribbean. Married the cruise director Jon D Schwartz and  returned to NYC with Him

Age 27:  Jon and I booked our own duo cruise ship act on the SS Rhapsody. It was heavy on Song Parodies and Costume changes. I can now say we were probably pretty awful.

Age 27 : Bought a nice old  house in Atlanta , unpacked , bought furniture,and continued to work on the Ss Rhapsody and other ships. We Lived in that House for 23 years.

Late 20s /early 30s;  Did  Equity Musical theatre shows  ( TOTS , Alliance Theatre )  .  Cabaret Shows and I was Active in Atlanta Industrial shows and Business theatre as performer and costumer. I gave up my Equity status eventually.

MY BEST MUSICAL THEATRE JOB : 1989 “LotteWorld ” Seoul Korea , a theme park show. “Music and the Mirror ‘  A PERFECT Broadway revue, choreographed by Baayork Lee., musical direction by Albin Knopka.  I was part of a “replacement “cast. This was Maybe the only time EVER that a choreographer has had generous time in which to craft  a show,  because the new theme park was so late to open. Cast #1 had the luxury of maybe a month or more of extra rehearsals PAID so This show became choreographic perfection ! A mixed cast of Koreans and Americans and superb production values.  And I was given the big 42nd Street TAp feature at the end ! 5 months that changed me forever! And  I had many costumes made there for my next enterprise!

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30s and 40s : Jon and I Established Bacchus Productions in Atlanta, a company specializing in custom entertainment for themed events,  producing Dance Revues , Murder Mysteries, Classic celebrity lookalikes, etc. We paid all our performers  fairly and quickly and enjoyed a good reputation. We had a big rehearsal studio that we rented out for dance classes and rehearsals. I worked as costumer, choreographer, performer, and salesman.We were part of parties and trade shows  for major  corporations. My Dancers were always well-rehearsed , great looking and we had some superb good times.  So many shows !  The Charleston, The Can Can , Saturday Night Fever,  Arabian Nights, The 50s, Elvis , etc, It was a full-time business and we worked steadily, winning several Allie awards for our creations .CLIENTS : Microsoft,  Linnux, BASF, GLaxo-Smith and other Big Pharma Events,Shepherd Spinal center ,Northside Hospital,  So Many things at GWCC   Many “association of …””events. I should have kept  a list, but I totally stopped caring about all this just before I moved away to the Mountains.

SIDELINES : Comedy Improv, Egyptian BellyDance ( PRO !), Prop construction,

MOST MEMORABLE GIG ATLANTA 2005:  Providing 16 choreographed dancing showgirls  for the Fox Theatre’s 75th anniversary  Open House in a re-creation of their Gala opening night in 1928. I made the costumes, the headpieces,  and choreographed  ‘By The Beautiful Sea’    We performed to a full orchestra . The line of people  to see our 3 performances   ( and to see the FABULOUS FOX THEATRE ) went around the block ! The number ended with a sustained kickline ! Gorgeous!


AGE 50;   Jon and I Moved to the NE Georgia  Mountains and  I became a small -town dance teacher. Sautee Nacoochee Center allowed me to create my own program and said  I would “figure it out” and I did. For 8 years My students performed at Holiday celebrations and also in a Spring recital. I taught In  Rabun County as well. I continue to perform in community Broadway revues and Holiday Shows. My  small Tap ensemble The Sautee Syncopation Society gives me great satisfaction.

RECENTLY SEEN At :  Holly Theatre, Highlands Playhouse. Habersham Theatre, GNATS competition ( first place ! ) Chattahoochee Mtn Fair. My great  love is  Musical Theatre  and   I hope to meet other  lifelong  show people  with high standards who love to rehearse as much as I do.

I’m still married to Jon D Schwartz   http://www.cookingwithvinny.com  and experiencing some fine dining !